Primeroll’s high performance bearings deliver solutions that meet the industry’s unique challenges. Our decades of expertise have led us to be the best industrial bearing dealer and a solutions partner to end users in every major industry. We are powering ahead with cuttingedge solutions that can bring about a revolution. Our promise to deliver the best bearing solutions lies in our ability to solve design and performance issues that deliver increased machine up time, improved energy savings, reduced maintenance, and improved safety.

We are a trusted leader in delivering bearing products for some of the biggest names in the industry. With an extensive product range, we guarantee customers with the right solutions to meet application requirements at the highest quality standards.

With cross-industry experience, we are able to provide the best solutions for your applications. For instance, our

Bearings For The Automotive Industry

are driven to deliver optimized results that support their unique needs with the highest precision and quality. The Primeroll range of

Bearings For The Paper Industry

provide excellent durability under extreme conditions including moisture and dust laden environments, resulting in longer life, higher limiting speed that dramatically enhances productivity. Thus, they are designed to match the fast paced operating needs of paper mills, while ensuring longer operating life.

Steel production equipment are operated in extreme harsh environments, where machinery is exposed to high temperatures, water and mill scale. The bearings used in this equipment must continually withstand heavy loads and high speed rotation. The same competence is seen in our

Steel Industry Rolling Mill Bearings
that are designed to match the extreme conditions of rolling mills, ensuring significantly longer operating life. These conditions test not only each bearing, but also the overall strengths of peripheral parts and integration thereof.